Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The JET Application

It is currently November 04, 2009 and I am so very close to finishing the application.  The due date is November 24, but anyone who knows me, knows that when it comes to things like this I like to be 100% absolutely sure that I will have the application turned in on time... and on time means early.

What has taken me so long to get the application together? I wondered that myself, and it isn't waiting for others, or procrastination. Honestly, the thing that held me back the most was my Statement of Purpose... You'd expect that with something that I want so greatly, it'd be easy for me to type up two pages of information stating, what skills, experience, and characteristics I possess would be appropriate for whatever position, and what i expect to gain out of the experience... The regular Statement of Purpose guidelines... It took me about two weeks to type my Statement of Purpose. I went through about four versions of the essay and each time, I'd get about a page into the essay and realize it wasn't what I wanted. So, I would stop and walk away and leave it alone until I felt ready to write again. This cycle took me two weeks... until finally I sat down, wrote an opening paragraph I liked then backed off and came back wrote a little bit more until I finished the essay.

I really felt good about the essay too, I think it really encompasses my desire to join the JET program, but also thoroughly expresses my skills, experiences, and characteristics that would be helpful with the program.

Any way, I will have another post once the application is turned in.