Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have been placed!

I received my placement this month and was extremely excited to find out where I'd be placed.

I found out that my new home for the next year, at least, will be in Hokkaido Japan. I was at first quite surprised and disappointed about my placement. My top choices were Kansai and Okinawa, so to be placed in Hokkaido was a bit of a shock.

This shock turned quickly to excitement, as I began to research and learn more about Hokkaido and my small town. My disappointment wasn't because I was placed in Hokkaido, but more because I had such strong desires to be placed in my preferences. I recognize that many people put a lot of time and energy into having JETs in their towns and schools and I need to do what I can to respect their efforts. I also know that where ever I was going to be placed I was going to do my best for the Job, but also to truly become a part of the community.

Well, if anyone is considering the JET program and really have a strong desire toward placement, please don't let a disappointing placement prevent you from taking part in this experience. You have only two options to deal with a disappointing placement and that is to quit or stick with it. Though living up north in the cold is a definite change for me, I'm willing to try new things and am excited for a new experience.

My next post should be right before I leave for Japan.