Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lonely Island VLOG EP16

The Lonely Island VLOG EP16

It's finally up!

Check it out. I'll try to get EP17 out soon... just gotta get over this conference.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Past Year- Abridged...

It's been well over a year since my last post and a LOT has happened... I'll try to write about the MAIN points...

Back to the Basics:

It's been so long I kind of have to get back into the swing of why I started this blog... and it was to share my experience from start to beginning in the JET Program or Programme, whichever you prefer... Also, the blog was a place for those interested in the JET Program to gain some insight into what life COULD be like under the JET Program...

Last Post: June 28, 2011

Main highlights Since:

July- I Proposed to Girlfriend... more of a personal thing.

September- Went back home for my brother's wedding!

October- Filed paper work to transfer out of prefecture. (JET Transfer Explanations coming as well)
            - Filled out paperwork and became legally married! (Will explain the process later)

November- Continued raising money for the Earthquake relief with the awesome HAJET members

December- Got a new Computer!!!

January- Denied Transfer... (super shocked...) But decided to renew my contract.

March- Officially resigned my post as HAJET President and began focusing on the home.

June- My Grandfather visits and begins his month long research on the Japanese Education System in my town.
       - My Wife moves in and after nearly 3 years of living a part, we finally begin living together in Hokkaido.

There was sooo much more going on in between, but it'd be a very long and boring blog.

Just sprinkle in "Snowboarding Snowboarding Snowboarding" anywhere between the months of November and March.

This was just a brief explanation as I will be reviving  the LonelyIsland VLOGs... After two years of hiatus, it will be back up and running... hopefully soon.

Episode 16: will be a brief explanation of what happened over the past year.

Episode 17: Will be a brief explanation about JET Transfers and what to expect and what happened to me...

Episode 18: Will cover filing for marriage in Japan and somethings you may encounter / tips.

Stay Tuned... I promise I'll get these up! After all I've revived all my video data and can get things rolling quickly!