Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Past Year- Abridged...

It's been well over a year since my last post and a LOT has happened... I'll try to write about the MAIN points...

Back to the Basics:

It's been so long I kind of have to get back into the swing of why I started this blog... and it was to share my experience from start to beginning in the JET Program or Programme, whichever you prefer... Also, the blog was a place for those interested in the JET Program to gain some insight into what life COULD be like under the JET Program...

Last Post: June 28, 2011

Main highlights Since:

July- I Proposed to Girlfriend... more of a personal thing.

September- Went back home for my brother's wedding!

October- Filed paper work to transfer out of prefecture. (JET Transfer Explanations coming as well)
            - Filled out paperwork and became legally married! (Will explain the process later)

November- Continued raising money for the Earthquake relief with the awesome HAJET members

December- Got a new Computer!!!

January- Denied Transfer... (super shocked...) But decided to renew my contract.

March- Officially resigned my post as HAJET President and began focusing on the home.

June- My Grandfather visits and begins his month long research on the Japanese Education System in my town.
       - My Wife moves in and after nearly 3 years of living a part, we finally begin living together in Hokkaido.

There was sooo much more going on in between, but it'd be a very long and boring blog.

Just sprinkle in "Snowboarding Snowboarding Snowboarding" anywhere between the months of November and March.

This was just a brief explanation as I will be reviving  the LonelyIsland VLOGs... After two years of hiatus, it will be back up and running... hopefully soon.

Episode 16: will be a brief explanation of what happened over the past year.

Episode 17: Will be a brief explanation about JET Transfers and what to expect and what happened to me...

Episode 18: Will cover filing for marriage in Japan and somethings you may encounter / tips.

Stay Tuned... I promise I'll get these up! After all I've revived all my video data and can get things rolling quickly!

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