Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lonely Island Episode 15

In this Episode, I will update you on a couple of things I've done in the past month. Enjoy the video.

THe next episode will be a wrap up of the first leg of my Journey as a JET.


  1. Oh the Shihoro Burger. Such fond memories.

  2. Hi Willy,

    It looks as though, you may or may not be in Hokkaido anymore, I've only watched your first 3 eps, but could not wait to contact you. Also cuz you haven't Vlogged since Dec!!! I've been recently contacted by my successor about being placed in Ozora-cho, which is pretty close to Obihiro :D I was wondering if you will still be there in August? (2011)!!

    please PM back,

    Milly :D (our names rhyme, haha)

  3. I`m alive. I still live in Hokkaido and I have loved every second.

    I have been MIA for a long time and I hope to remedy that with a few posts.

    Please stay tuned!