Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I`m Alive, don`t worry I`m Alive!! Part 2: Yuki Matsuri

So in February I went to the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri or Snow Festival.

This was awesome. Again, I`ll have pictures below.

Following the Yuki Matsuri, I began to get swamped with various things.... one of which was a new hobby! I found that snowboarding is an incredibly awesome sport! For those of you heading to Hokkaido as a JET and may not be used to the winter, the best way to fight the winter blues is to find a hobby.

Before coming to Hokkaido I had Skii`d before, but never snowboarded. Luckily, I had made the decision that I was going to try snowboarding and on my first day on the slopes... I just splattered myself all over the mountain... The next day, I hurt in all sorts of different places. After about my third time on the slopes I began getting the hang of it and can pretty much snowboard anything.

I don`t have many pictures of my snowboarding adventures, but I hope to get some up later.

NOTE: The Lonely Island Videos are taking a hiatus... well it seems they have taken a hiatus for a very long time, but now they`re on a Hiatus I can not control... My trusty computer has crashed and I no longer have the means to make the videos... I hope to get them back up and running sometime this year.

Atleast I get to buy a new Mac Book Pro!!!!

Anywho, Here are some Pictures of Yuki Matsuri and Snowboarding.

BTW... I`ve snowboarded in Niseko a couple times this year and though it was fun, by far my favorite place to hit the slopes is Asahidake!! The best!

This was a really large sculpture meant to depict Hokkaido

Lion King opened this year in Sapporo... so they made a massive snow sculptureof course!

Snow Tunnel.. well the tunel itself is made of a steel frame with a mesh lined with christmas lights, but all the white you see is snow that accumulated from the snow that fell during the Yuki Matsuri.... seriuosly it snowed like crazy.
This has nothing to do with Yuki Matsuri, but at a lake near my town... which I`ve shown you pictures of before... they make a two story Ice Bar... it was awesome!

Me and some friends hitting up Asahidake... and yes it is a volcano... you can kinda see the smoke in the background. I`m in the blue and yellow jacket.

that`s us heading back down the mountain to catch another ride up.

Stay Tuned for Part III

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