Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh yeah

It seems I've conveniently forgot to mention.

A few days before the Q&A session, I received a wonderful package from my CO (Contracting Organization) in the town I will be working. The packet included, my contract in Japanese and English, Rules and Regulations in Japanese and English, and a very well written letter from my Predecessor about life in the town and the surrounding area. They also included a tourist map of the town, which was cool.

Then, a few days following the Q&A session, I received an e-mail from the CO. The E-mail was written in English (very well written I'd like to add) and was wondering if I had received the package and if it was ok to write me back in Japanese. He also included a few links about the town and a link to my new apartment. This was too cool. It gave me a floor plan, square footage... well in metrics... of the apartment and it included a picture of the outside of the apartment.

I have to say, I'm super stoked about my new, 2 story, 2 Bedroom apartment. Totally stoked about life in Japan.

OK, since I got that out of my system let me list a number of things I need to take care of before I go, and a number of things I've taken care of on that list.

Before I Go, I Need To:
- Get Clothes    -Done
- Get Gifts    
- Get International Driver's Permit     -Done
- Renew Florida Driver's License     
- Get a new Digital Camera
- Get an iPod Touch 64gig     -Prbably not happening, will get it in Japan
- Get a Bose SoundDock Portable     -Though, I work there still need to save money
- Pack my Bags     - Working on it
- The Lonely Island VLOG Ep.3 (Goodbye Florida)
- Send off IRS Forms     -Waiting for the IRS to send me the Forms
- Talk to the Bank     -already did, but never got called back... bastards haha
- Set up my IRA     -look at the previous item on the list
- Say bye to the fam and friends    -Not quite ready to do this, but I'll be back anyway.
- Save $2000     -ummm yeah... I have $1000... I'm working on it.
- Work my Last day at Bose      - July 16th my last day at by far the best Part Time Job I've had.

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