Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A quick update on the departure situation & The Lonely Island EP.3

On my last post, I had a list of things I needed to get done... Let's update that list.

Before I Go, I Need To:
- Get Clothes    -Done
- Get Gifts       - Done
- Get International Driver's Permit     -Done
- Renew Florida Driver's License       -Done
- Get a new Digital Camera   -Done
- Get an iPod Touch 64gig     -Done
- Get a Bose SoundDock Portable     -Though, I work there still need to save money
- Pack my Bags     - Pretty much complete
- The Lonely Island VLOG Ep.3 (Goodbye Florida) - Done Working on ep.4
- Send off IRS Forms     -Done
- Talk to the Bank     -Done, will be waiting for my 401k check to rollover to an IRA
- Set up my IRA     -look at the previous item on the list
- Say bye to the fam and friends    -Mostly done, but still doing that
- Save $2000     -ummm yeah about that...
- Work my Last day at Bose      - July 16th my last day at by far the best Part Time Job I've had

So, It seems i've mostly completed my to do list. This has been an interesting few weeks. With so much to do, from Work, Packing, gathering last minute items, and other responsibilities it almost feels like I barely had any time to really contemplate the impending departure. Now that things have slowed down and I've been doing nothing but focusing on departing, things have become more real regarding my life in Japan. I am very excited for sure, but I will definitely miss my friends and family.

Well, with that said, here is TheLonelyIsland VLOG Ep.3

This was more of a goodbye video, but Ep.4 will focus specifically on packing. At this time many JETs have been focusing on how to pack, what to pack, and everything that deals with this area. I will explain how I dealt with this daunting endeavor. Maybe it will shed some light on how you may want to pack for JET.

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