Saturday, September 25, 2010

A trip in my car!

It's been about a week now since I finally purchased my car. I own a metallic blue 2003 Honda Fit. A little bit more flashy a color than what I'd like, but I'm happy with it. Well, kind of. The person I bought the car from had spilled some Gasoline in the car and the smell has yet to completely clear up. I've been having to leave the car doors open during the day to try and air it out. I feel like the smell is getting better... it still smells like gasoline, but it's not nearly as bad as it was, so I'm waiting over the weekend to continue to air out the car before I call the guy I bought the car from... anyway, on to my trip.

After seven long months, I finally got to see my GF. She arrived in New Chitose Airport and was scheduled to stay for only 4 short days. We decided to spend the first day in Sapporo, so we left my car in Chitose and took the train to Sapporo. The drive isn't too bad. It takes about 3 hours one way to get to Chitose Airport.

In Sapporo they just happened to be holding their first ever Autumn Festival. It was quite crowded and showcased a number of goods from all over Hokkaido and of course Food from all over Hokkaido.

The infamous Slide. I knew I'd get back to this slide after the wonderful night during Sapporo Orientation. It looks a bit different in the day haha

I love Ramen... I'm not sure if you knew that, but this place caught my eye when I was in Sapporo the first time... This time I had a chance to try it out with my GF. It wasn't bad...

I can't remember the kind of Ramen I ate, but it was good and very filling.

We found our way back to the Ferris Wheel and this time I got to see the City from the Ferris Wheel in the day.

You know... there's not much to say about this photo haha. BTW these are stores I believe... clothing stores not what you might think haha

I felt quite bad for this horse. He was very clearly exhausted.

The next day we continued our adventure closer to my town. We spent the day driving around the beautiful farmlands around my town. The weather didn't really cooperate, but we got to check out some wonderful cafe's. The guy that cuts my hair let me borrow a book that profiles a number of small cafe's in the small towns all over Hokkaido. These cafe's share a number of qualities and that is that they are small, in the middle of no where, and delicious.

This was a small cafe in the middle of the farm lands in Kami Shihoro. It's called Cream Terrace. It was quite delicious.

The next day my girlfriend and I took another drive. The weather was a little nicer, so we decided to take a drive through the mountains. We went to Lake Nukabira and all the way around to Lake Shikaribetsu and back to my town. After that we stopped by a cafe in Shihoro called Country Road.

Lake Nukabira

Lake Nukabira from a top of the mountains.

Yeah... I'm pointing at the lake...

The following day we decided to head south. We took a drive to Hanabatake Bokujou. This is quite a famous ranch / company in Japan. They are mostly known for making Caramel. The reason they're so popular is because it's owned by a Japanese Celebrity and I think it just got a ton of media exposure... of course his connections helped it to become as big as it has... oh and the caramel is actually quite delicious haha.

Hana Batake Boku Jou

"You lookin' at my Hair!?"

He was actually quite active and was standing up on his hind legs and getting all excited whenever someone would feed the horses next to it.

We looked through the book that I mentioned and found another small cafe in Nakasatsunai, where the ranch is located. On our way home we stopped by the ranch and it wasn't that bad... I felt like Country Road was way better. The cafe is called Weather Cock.

For dinner my girlfriend and I made Pizza and she made some Onion Soup. It was actually very delicious and quite easy to make. The Mozzarella Cheese that we used was purchased from the Hana Batake Boku Jou.

thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Lonely Island Episodes and posts.

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